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The Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development Ideas to Watch in 2021


How can you develop an Educational App with the Latest Ideas?

Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development Ideas

No doubt, the evolution of mobile apps has impacted every sector and the education industry is not an exception to this notion. Nowadays, if you want to pursue a specialized course, there is no need to visit training institutes in person. You can register for a course from the comfort of your home with the help of a smartphone.

As per the latest research, the education industry is expected to garner huge revenue figures in the coming years. There is no denying the fact that eLearning is the next big trend in the education field. Quite impressively, this is the trend which has resulted in a surge in the demand of eLearning Mobile App Development.

To be precise, educational mobile app development targets both tutors and learners in the creation of various eLearning platforms. Hence, it is no surprise to witness the massive popularity of eLearning apps out there.

Entrepreneurs trying their best to digitize education are bringing new changes with the help of educational mobile app development. Let’s take a glance at the various aspects related to mobile app development for the educational sector.

The Present Educational App Market

It is interesting to note here that the educational app is quite trending at the moment. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, eLearning apps were registering steady growth. But with the pandemic forcing everyone to be indoors and maintain social distancing, the online learning industry witnessed steep growth. Quite impressively, education is the second most popular category in the iOS app store and number 1 in Google Play.

The Size of the Educational App Realm

You wouldn’t be able to develop an eLearning app if you are not aware of the vastness of the educational app world. So let’s take a glance below to understand the depth and variety that the educational app industry possesses.

Apps for Curriculum

These are the apps which commonly provide help with the teaching concepts. These types of apps also help you with compliance as per protocols.

School Operations

These are the apps that are primarily designed to be used by school administrators and principals. These apps play a decisive role in the smooth management of schools.

Apps for Teachers

These types of apps help teachers with activities related to the classroom. It also helps them with lesson planning, classroom management, etc.

What’s more, you would be surprised to witness the diversity in architecture and content of many e-learning mobile apps. Many of the modern eLearning apps have the following features.

  • Educational games
  • Multipurpose learning platforms
  • Dedicated section for mock tests and question banks
  • Self-development section

Educational App Develop Ideas

It is easy to feel confused as there are a sheer number of educational app ideas out there. Go through the below list to understand the type of educational app which would serve your interests better.

Language Learning Educational App

With a language learning app, you can help students to stay ahead in the competition. Moreover, a language learning app augurs well for those who want to study in foreign universities. With the help of this app, students would be able to learn various languages without even stepping out of their homes. And in case you are a teacher, you can also enroll in learning a new language. In simple words, teachers would be able to enrich and upgrade their skills.

Audio Books

With the advent of smartphones and proliferation of internet services, audio books are increasingly becoming popular. Audio books provide flexibility to students as they can learn and listen to important facts on specific topics anytime of the day. Moreover, audio books are simple to deliver too for both the Android and the iOS platform. Students can select the books they want to listen to and the app would do the rest.

Apps that help with Career Guidance

It is a known fact that most students end up clueless when the context is about career guidance. Moreover, a large number of students fail to select the right subjects due to improper guidance and mentoring. In short, they end up unsuccessful in the longer run.

With the help of a career guidance app, you can help clueless students select the right path. You can also include a dedicated section where students can communicate with career counselors to move ahead in the right direction. In short, you would be able to help students build dream career with this type of app.

Educational Apps powered by AR

AR or Augmented Reality is a huge hit among various sectors. Moreover, AR possesses great potential to make online learning fun and engaging at the same time. By developing an AR-powered app, you can enable students to learn without any difficulty. What’s more impressive is the fact that even teachers can also use this app to make students easily understand various concepts. AR-powered apps can also be used to make students understand models and diagrams with ease.

The Important Features of a Good Educational App

For a majority of educational apps out there, content is everything. In other words, you have to ensure that content is engaging. Here are some of the must-have features of an educational app.

Social Plugins

To make the onboarding process easier, it is imperative to integrate social plugins.


Always opt for push notifications in an educational app. Make sure that the users can customize notifications.

Creation of User Profiles

The users should be able to create user profiles easily for easy and fast connectivity.

Implementation of AI

Always implement AI in your educational apps to make them more intuitive and user-friendly.


Let’s hope that the ideas as mentioned above would help you with the development of an educational app. Hiring dedicated app developers with intensive experience is the way forward in mobile app development.

Author Bio:

Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading website and mobile app Development Company specialized in android and iOS app development. He has more than 10 year’s experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS and Android.


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