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6 Google Chrome Problems And How To Solve Them


We are amid a global pandemic and in a lockdown; with our physical, social lives are now a dream for a long time, thanks to the internet, we have some means of survival and connectivity. The internet and smart devices are the real saviors of our sanity right now, but they too are just devices and software, they can go wrong also, right? 

We have all been there with our web browsers and apps not working, cursing, and vexing with no clue about what we are supposed to be doing. But don’t you worry, we are here with the solutions to all your problems on Google Chrome, the most used web browser globally, and perhaps your only window to the world around right now, quite literally. So let’s begin!

How To Fix A Crashed Google Chrome?

The most frustrating of all app crashes have to be when your web browser crashes, and you cannot even Google the cure for it. Well, the first thing to do to fix google chrome has stopped working is close/quit your browser, if it does not respond, give it some time, and then leave the application. Then restart your web browser, most of the time it works. 

If it still doesn’t work, check for the latest update, quite possibly you might be using the older version which is not supported anymore. If the web browser still doesn’t respond, ensure that your OS is updated, and then troubleshoot using the default Google settings. This is going to solve your problem and also restore your lost web pages.

How To Access A Web Page That Is Repeatedly Being Blocked?

Here is another problem we repeatedly face, while the internet connection is working, and we can access all websites, but the one we most definitely need right now. The first thing to check will be if your anti-virus or anti-malware is blocking the site. Generally, you would get a notification about it, but if not, do check for it and unblock the website. 

Sometimes, some pages are also restricted by ad blockers, if so, then disable your ad blocker, it is illegal to use ad blockers in the first place. Or it sometimes happens, that a particular web page or website’s server is not working optimally, and cannot deal with the data traffic, in that case, refresh the page and try accessing it a little while later.

How To Access A Website That Is Restricted By Your Network Or Geographical Location?

Google Chrome is very specific about restricted content, either geographically or by your internet provider, and most of the time, it is just standard content that you can easily access with any other web browser. In these cases, there is one sure fix. 

Use a VPN, a Virtual Private Network. It will change your virtual location to some other geographical area, and you can then access any content you want. Just be careful to choose a VPN that does not store your data and use it for commercial purposes. You can also access the deep web or dark web, but it is not advisable. 

How To Fix A Very Slow Connection From Google Chrome

Here is one of the most frustrating things in the world, when your internet connectivity is functional, but Google Chrome has decided to test your patience. The first thing to do is clean your device of unwanted files, cache memory, and uninstalled application files (apk). 

It is possible that due to low memory, the web browser is not able to access websites and store data. You can also uninstall the extensions to Chrome or install new extensions that the browser needs. For example, if a video is not loading fast enough for you, you can install extensions for the video player, but uninstall other extensions that are bugging you.

How To Use Someone Else’s Chrome Without Sharing All Your Browser History With them?

This one is pretty simple. We all know that Google Chrome is signed in with a Google account, and your entire browsing history is stored in that account. So the next time you have to use someone else’s Chrome (especially when you are at home with parents and siblings), use a guest account. You can find this option in the account settings menu. Just select the guest account, and your history remains personal. 

How To Solve Interface Issues In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has more than one interface issues, sometimes a website starts auto-playing media and puts you in an embarrassing situation, you can turn off the autoplay media option for individual tabs by selecting the option in the browsing tab, or by checking into settings. 

Difficult viewing a website’s content because it has disproportionate font sizes? Easily zoom in or zoom out using Ctrl and + or – keys. You can also mute the browser through settings by clicking Ctrl and M. 

So, there you go, the most common Chrome problems solved in simple steps, no fretting and vexing this time. Also, the website Pianika Web has recently released an article on how Windows 10 is creating trouble while viewing videos in macOS. The video does not play, and the screen turns into several blue, green lines. 

Now Apple and Google are passing the blame on each other, and till some concrete solution is made available, Mac users have to switch to other web browsers. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted, till then use these tips and Happy Browsing!

Stay Home, Stay Safe!


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