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Make Our Living Room More Eco-Friendly


A fresh new year is coming, and we all are ready to change our living room appearance. Why does this upcoming year start with eco-friendly things?

Add some extra green in your living space which is pocket-friendly and eye pleasant. Today’s writing is all about making your living room eco-friendly.

How many of us think of designing our home with nature in mind? It can be said that we forget that nature is the ultimate space where we can get peace with natural furniture such as an aquarium stand, for a tranquil vibe.

Home is somewhere where we relax for the rest of the time in the day. We think that green, nature and eco-friendly are the perfect combination to bring more positive vibes to our life.

5 Tips To Make Your Living Room Eco-Friendly

Here, we share 5 tips to make your living space eco-friendly. Let’s check them out!

1.    Wood Slat Wall

When we decorate the living area, we can’t decide how to decorate the wall. In an eco-friendly theme, a wood slat is a good idea to add green to the room. Wood slats can easily cover the wall from the bottom.

It is the new trending home decor idea. However, if you wish to do something different, then you place some bamboo behind the sofa or couch. Suppose you placed a couch in front of a few bamboos. Just imagine the look of your living room.

You can use plenty of pebbles in the floor and fit spotlights on the ceiling. Plus, place two Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or Variegated Cast Iron Plant. Without indoor plants, you can’t create an eco-friendly look in your living area.

2.    Change The Color

Eco-Friendly Paints can be selected in this case. Eco-friendly paints are  odor-free and biodegradable. When everything is eco-friendly, then why not use an environment-friendly wall color.

White, yellow, and green shade are eco-friendly colors that bring greenery vibes. Color plays a significant role in home decor. Bright colors are most preferable. You can use different shades of green or yellow shades. Hanging a big-size photo frame can change the look of the wall.

Or, you can fit three wall shelves and put a few small detailed handmade items.

3.    Bring Lot Of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the life of the eco-friendly room. However, we think that it is important to bring some indoor plants in your bedroom, living room, and bathroom. See, today, most people live in a flat culture. Therefore, people do not have a huge space to plant outdoor trees.

So, what should we do? We can bring a lot of indoor plants in our home. You can decorate your 3bhk flat with indoor plants. Once you have done it, you can understand the amazing change that you have made by your heart.

Green color has the ability to bring some peace and good vibes. It has been proved that indoor plants can help to maintain good mental health. There are 100 indoor plants available, for example   Umbrella tree, Boat lily, Croton, Gerbera Daisy, Cast Iron Plant, and more.

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4.    Furniture from wood

No steel, iron, or plastic is allowed in an eco-friendly living room. Here, you should bring wood, mud, and earth products like ceramic and stone. Wooden furniture has the power to create an amazing look. You can place a stone table in the central area of your living room.

Or you can bring a glass table with a wooden stand. Or, a wooden table with a stone stand. There are plenty of choices that you can try to adapt to an eco-friendly theme in your living space.

Well, few of us like books, and do you know that books are one of the pillars to decorate your room differently from others? Suppose you have a large wall and you don’t know how you can fill the wall, use a full wall-based bookshelf where you can place small earthy products, miniature, minimalistic, bonsai, and rural characteristic statues.

5.    Add Eco-Friendly Items

Jute carpets, pillow covers, wall mats, sustainable bamboo cloth keepers, and more are a few things that you can add in your daily life to use eco-friendly.

When we decide to change our home decor items or add a new theme to the home, then use these types of eco-friendly products.

These types of products can create greenery in your home. You can add vintage products to create a classic look.

Final Words

These are the beauty tips that you can follow to create an eco-friendly theme in your home. We think that decorating a home with eco-friendly products is better than other decorative ideas.

If you don’t do anything in your living room, just bring some Indoor plants. These are enough to make your living room eco-friendly.

Hopefully, these tips will help you. If you have any other ideas, please share your words in the comments section.

Now, it is your turn. Tell us which type of indoor plant and color you want to use in your living space.

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