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5 Things That Can Help to Take Your Automation Testing Towards Success


Automation Testing

Due to the advent of automation, it takes fewer people to create more goods and services. It has enabled us to produce more software applications and services than we ever have, possibly more than we might ever need. All-in-all it can be said that automation technology is a boon to society. If you’re reading this article, there are chances that you are having a hard time implementing this technology perfectly.

There can be many reasons as to why you failed at your first attempt. Automation is a complicated process that needs to be tested before it’s successfully implemented. Automation testing itself is no easy task. You need to follow certain protocols to ensure that automation testing is successfully conducted in your organization.

This article will provide you with insights that will ensure the success of your automation testing strategy.

Let’s go through 5 things that can help to take your automation testing towards success!

1. Compiling an adept team

The primary requirement of driving your automation testing efforts towards success involves compiling the right team.

All the people involved in automation testing ranging from coders to architects should have an in-depth knowledge of the automation process.

If you lack this resource, then hiring someone is the best way to go. While hiring a new team member you should ensure that they have previously worked on similar projects. While creating this team you should also be wary of the number of people in it. Creating a team that is too large will not only be a burden on your capital but will also lead to reporting issues.

A team that has few members will also cause you trouble, as the entire automation testing process will be disrupted in case any of the members decide to leave. Hiring the perfect team is one of the hardest and the most important part of guiding your automation testing efforts towards success.

2. Choosing the right tool

While considering a tool for automation testing, you need to be clear about the money you are willing to invest. Setting a budget will allow you to choose the best tool, according to your testing requirement and financial capability. The current post-pandemic conditions should also be kept in mind while choosing the right tool. As teams are unable to work in close proximity, getting a tool that allows real-time collaboration ensures that the process is hassle-free.

Software reviews also allow you to determine the usefulness of a tool to your business. Online reviews can help you assess if the tool is easy to use and if it has all the functionalities you require for your projects.

3. Creating an automation testing framework

Creating an automation testing framework involves establishing instructions and guidelines that ensure the consistency of the testing process, improve reusability, and reduce the need to conduct constant code maintenance. The best framework is reliable, consistent, easy to maintain, scalable, and maximizes test coverage.

There are six different types of automation frameworks that are available right now namely linear driven, modular driven, behavior-driven, data-driven, keyword-driven, and hybrid testing framework. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before choosing one.

4. Manage expectations

A lot of companies set unreasonable expectations before even implementing automated testing strategies. Companies believe that they will be able to resolve 100% of their issues; this expectation is unrealistic.

As a company, you need to extensively define the scope of automation testing before starting a project. Setting clear goals ensures the proper functioning and success of the project.

5. Maintenance and Feedback Implementation

Many automation testing projects fail because the testers fail to realize the importance of maintaining test scenarios. It is essential for any automation testing team to thoroughly check and maintain automation scripts for each software release cycle.

Teams often overlook analytics while preparing and running test scenarios. This practice hinders the process of automation testing as analytics allow you to understand exactly where to run the test.

Metrics also play an important role in automation testing. It helps you gauge the performance of your strategy. By analyzing feedbacks, you can improve the quality of your automated tests. Thus, improving your chances of successfully implementing automation testing.

To conclude

There are a lot of reasons that can hinder the success of your automation testing efforts, but by going through this article, you have learned about all the things required to drive automation testing towards success.

Achieving automation is not the end-goal, it’s equally important to maintain these automated systems to be successful in the long-term.

Hiring an automation testing provider guarantees that your automated systems will work in unison with other aspects of your business.

ImpactQA’s automation testing service involves best-in-class tools for automation testing partnered with the creation and maintenance of automated test suites.

Talk to our expert today to learn more about the benefits of ImpactQA’s automation testing services.


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