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Three Different Renewable Energy Source Technologies


Renewable energy source technologies are the wave of the future. They help us cultivate a pollution-free environment, mitigate our fossil fuel use, and even support our health. So what are the three major renewable energy source technologies? Read on to find out. 

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines use wind currents to generate mechanical power and electricity. The rotor blades meet the wind, which revolves around them. The wind glides across the blades, causing them to spin, and the excess energy is held within a generator at the bottom of the turbine’s “stem.” This aerodynamic force creates electricity in no time.

The up-front costs of wind turbines are high, but gradually, they begin to pay for themselves, making them extremely popular options—especially for tech companies with large data centers. 

Hydro Energy

This is one of the oldest and largest sources of renewable energy. Hydro energy uses the natural flow of moving water to generate electricity. This technology can be extremely large, such as giant aqueducts, or small. Hydropower costs less than most other forms of power up front, so people who use it tend to have lower energy bills. It’s also low cost in terms of preservation, fuel source, and operational aspects. Hydro energy is capable of powering a grid immediately and functioning as a reliable form of backup power, making it a top option for these three different renewable energy source technologies. 

Solar Energy 

Solar energy converts the power of the sun into energy. The sun emits heat and electricity, which solar panels can convert and transfer to a storage battery. Solar panels are low maintenance—you just need to clean them regularly and make sure they’re facing the right direction–and you’ll soon find them paying for themselves, despite high up-front costs. 

In short, renewable energy is here to stay. It’s highly disruptive to the current paradigm, but in a good way. As technology advances, we’ll hopefully get to the point at which we don’t have to rely on fossil fuels altogether. Then we’ll be able to rest—and breathe—easy.


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