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All You Need to Know About Solar Battery Price, Life Expectancy, and Maintenance


Know About Solar Battery Price, Life Expectancy, and Maintenance

It is observed that 7 out of 10 people who have solar systems wish to add solar batteries to them. Solar storage is a significant and long-term investment in your home and at your workspace. Given below is a detail of all that you need to know about solar batteries like Solar battery price, its maintenance, and life expectancy.

Solar Battery Life

Solar battery units last for around 5 to 15 years depending upon your usage and maintenance. It is certain that you will need to replace your battery to match the 20 to 30 year lifespan of your solar power system. The factors that affect the life of a solar battery are-

• The Type of Solar Battery

Solar batteries are made of three different chemical compositions like lithium-ion, saltwater, and lead-acid. Lithium-ion batteries are considered the best for the home as they are light, compact, and have a longer life. Lead-acid batteries are used in the off-grid energy systems and are the cheapest batteries. The saltwater batteries contain heavy metals and rely on saltwater electrolytes. This is why they are environmental-friendly and can be recycled.

• Battery Usage

The life expectancy of a solar battery is determined by its usage cycles. The deep-cycle batteries discharge up to 80% of their stored energy before recharging. If the batteries are overcharged the health and efficiency of the battery suffers.

• Temperature of The Battery

If you wish to maximize the life and efficiency of the battery, you should keep the battery unit at an optimal temperature

• Warranty

The warranties for the battery products also play an important role in deciding its price. Lead-acid batteries are on the lower end of the warranty spectrum while on the other hand, the lithium-ion batteries come with 10 years of around 10 years. The tubular technology batteries that have 5 years of replacement warranty will be costlier. If you opt for a replacement warranty, you will get a new battery in case your battery isn’t performing well. But in case you go for a pro-rata warranty period, you will get a new battery but at a discounted price.

Solar Battery Maintenance

It is believed that if the solar battery is maintained well, it can increase the life and efficiency of the battery. In other words, maintenance of the battery plays an important role in its longevity. The maintenance cost of the solar batteries is also added to the solar battery price. This cost is around $150 to $300 annually. So, whenever you decide to go for a solar battery, along with the price of the battery you also need to keep in mind its maintenance cost and repair cost. There are various tips that can be followed to improve the life of the solar battery-

  1. Do not put too many batteries in parallel.
  2. The best way to keep a solar battery is at room temperature. If you keep the batteries in extreme temperature, their life decreases by 30%.
  3. The batteries should be watered regularly with distilled water that has no impurities. You can even ask the manufacturer for a watering schedule and also check the level of water manually to improve the life of your battery.
  4. The batteries should not be kept discharged for a longer period of time. If the battery is kept in a discharged state for a long time it affects the capacity and lifetime of the battery bank.
  5. The battery terminals should be regularly cleaned using a mixture of baking soda and distilled water using a terminal cleaning brush. Once the cleaning is done make sure that all connections are tight.

Cost of a Solar Battery System

The factors that affect the solar battery price in India are the brand name, the capacity of the battery that is measured in Ampere Hour, and the replacement warranty offered on the battery. The price of the solar battery starts from Rs 4000 in India and can go up to 20,000 also. The solar battery market in India is fragmented. 60% of the batteries in India are manufactured by the local manufacturers while the remaining 40% is captured by big brands. So, if you decide to choose a branded battery, you will have to spend more money.

Is it Worth Getting a Solar Battery?

If you have a solar power system, then getting a solar battery is like an upgrade to that system. Solar batteries give you the ability to store the electricity for the future in case there is a power cut or in regions where there is less amount of sunlight. Solar batteries are totally worth the money you spend because they allow you to have continuous supply of power.

Now you have a fair understanding of solar batteries. Buying solar batteries is a crucial decision so, it should be taken wisely. The solar battery price also plays an important role while deciding which battery to go for.


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